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Bioactive umbilical cord
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Bioactive umbilical cord

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Instructions for far infrared umbilical cord care
Warning: This product is sterile and disposable. Do not use it if the packing is damaged or the product is out of date.
[Product Name] Far Infrared Umbilical Cord Care
[License Number of Production Enterprise] Production Approval No. 20160098 of Jiangxi Food and Drug Administration
[Product Registration Certificate Number] Registration Approval No. 20152640220 of Jiangxi Food and Drug Administration
[Product Technical Requirements Number] Registration Approval No. 20152640220 of Jiangxi Food and Drug Administration
[Main Structure of Product] This product consists of three parts: outer band, core coating and accessories. The outer band is made by sewing flannel, knitted cotton cloth and nylon hasp. The coating core is a small bag made of high molecular absorbent resin and bamboo charcoal packaged by heat-sealed tea wrapping paper, which is wrapped by chitin non-woven fabric or knitted fabric. The accessories are made of latex tubes (umbilical circles), cotton swabs and gauze that are enclosed by non-absorbent surgical sutures.
[Specifications] Umbilical cord care can be divided into type A (round) and type B (oval) according to the shape of inner core coating.
[Product Performance] This product can tie the umbilicus to stop bleeding, keep the neonate's umbilicus dry and accelerate the natural shedding of the umbilical cord. Besides, it can prevent umbilical infection and promote umbilical healing. Moreover, the product can accelerate the discharge of meconium, thus reducing the incidence of neonatal jaundice
[Scope of Application] This product is used by medical institutions and families for prevention, nursing and health care of neonatal umbilical infection.
[Instruction for Usage] After the umbilical cord of the newborn is routinely treated, the inner pad of this product is immediately attached to the umbilical eye. The product is replaced once every 24 hours. The course of treatment is usually 6-8 days depending on the individual situation of the newborn until the umbilicus heals.
1. The product should be replaced in a timely manner if it is polluted.
2. Pay attention to aseptic operation and umbilical disinfection when using and replacing this product. The treatment should be carried out under the guidance of medical staff.
3. This product is sterile and should be used only once.
4. This product should be combined with other treatment when used for umbilical infection.
5. If there is a local skin allergy and other abnormal reactions in very few specific physical infants, please stop using it immediately.
[Contraindication] Damaged or expired packaging is prohibited.
[Sterilization Method and Validity] After the irradiation sterilization of cobalt-60, the sterilization validity is 30 months.
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Bioactive umbilical cord care Single use   Bioactive umbilical cord care Sterilized by cobalt -60 irradiation
[Package Specification] 1 strip/bag; 3 bags/box (or 4 bags/box); 100 boxes/case.
[Storage] In a well-ventilated room with relative humidity not exceeding 80% and no corrosive substances.
[Production Date] See the packing label.
[Expiration Date] See the packaging label.
[Name of Production/Registered Enterprise] Jiangxi Xiang’en Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.
[Address of Production/Registered Enterprise] Near Lichang Highway of Changshan Township in Jinxian County of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
[Contact Information]TEL:0791-85602328   FAX:0791-85602919   ZIP:331724
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